Blending the Old With the New




Blending The Old With The New

Situated on one of Chiba prefecture’s oldest reinforced concrete building built in 1965, Coffee Tamazawa opened its store under a merchant name that has been passed down generations. Located in the heart of the tourist district, this is a perfect place to bring in new culture and create something new, whilst respecting the history of Sawara.
Mitsunari Tamazawa, who was born on this place, rich with history and culture, has also spent 20 years in multicultural country, Australia. He hopes to bring life into the area, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together.



To the next generation,
history passed down, with love.

Merchant Tamazawa, handed down through generations has changed its business line, by adding roastery & café, “Coffee Tamazawa” to its history, inheriting together their love for this place and town.



The taste we pride. The freedom to taste.

We know that everyone has their own preferences in coffee, and we want our customers to freely enjoy that. We will keep our own preferences to ourselves and continue to pursue the perfect cup of coffee.



The Return of the Prodigal Son

Having lived abroad for 20 years, and with over 30 years of experience in the food industry, buying ingredients for fine dining restaurants in Japan and globally, the owner brings with him, his expert knowledge in coffee bean selection and flavor creation that has pleased many chefs over the years.



Maintaining the status quo, a setback.

Our standard menu is not a finished product. It may look the same, but we are constantly striving to make improvements, to naturally evolve to the next level. Our desserts are developed on a monthly basis.